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Inspired By Star Trek
The Foundation of D2MO.COM

My customers and potential customers are very important to me. It’s important that I earn and maintain their trust. It’s important that I earn YOUR trust. An unfortunate and sad truth of my industry is amateur and unprofessional “ business owners “ go to friends and family and either directly or indirectly insist that they purchase products and services from them solely because of their existing relationship. This is a clear abuse of trust that can cause permanent damage. Using money as a requirement for a relationship is something I feel is very wrong.

Entitlement mentality and guilt has no place in the world of Small Business.

To set you at ease, I have created this philosophy called THE PRIME DIRECTIVE. In a nutshell, I believe in the natural evolution of Business Relationships. Double D Merchant Online is a Zero Pressure Environment.


1 ) Only purchase a product or service from me if it’s something you actually need or it adds value to your life and / or household. Any existing relationship we have has nothing to do with it. No pressure. No expectations. No guilt.

2 ) Do not buy something

from me to “ help me out “. This is a business, not a charity or fundraiser. Let's keep the transactions pure. Do not buy from me just because I am a Small or Local Business. Do not buy from me just because I am a Black Owned Business. I take Visa Card, Mastercard, American Express Card, and Discover Card, but I don't take Race Cards.

3 ) I will never tell you about any kind of sales contest or competition I am involved in. It is not your responsibility to ensure my success. My duty is to serve and meet the needs of as many people as possible. If that is not you, it’s ok. I just need to contact other people and shoppers. It’s ok to say no.

4 ) If you are a business owner as well, do not purchase something from me only because you expect me to purchase something from you. If you have something that I need, I will be happy to purchase it. If not, please do not put this pressure on me as I have shown you the same respect.

5 ) Note. I may ask a lot of questions and do many follow ups. This is not to pressure you, but to be thorough and make sure I know enough about your needs to make appropriate recommendations and to know you have all the information you need to make a good decision.

6 ) If you are using a competitor’s product, I won’t shame or criticize you. However, I will ask questions about why you like the product. Feedback is valuable and I do keep track of what I hear. It could actually be passed on to my supplier and even lead to a better version of my products down the road.

7 ) I run my business with a long term mindset. I recognize the fact from the moment I say hello to the moment you purchase a product can be several weeks or months. I also recognize the fact that several weeks or months can go by and you may decide to buy nothing from me. That is OK. This is about taking the time to find your needs and if my store can meet those needs by saving you time and / or money.


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