I am very passionate about creating a higher standard in my industry through a brand of Zero Pressure Shopping. No one should feel obligated to purchase a product because of an existing relationship. My focus is adding value and solving the problems my shoppers have.

I decided to start my own business so I could explore this huge planet we live on and not be tied down to someone else's company if I want to go on a adventure alone or with my friends and family. As a tennis player, I do a lot of cross training.  Having my own online store helps me to free up time to train and do cycling, archery, rock climbing, boxing, freestyle kendo, and other various activities.

If I am not in my office serving the needs of my customers, clients, and partners, there is a good chance I am on my motorcycle. I also have a desire to give back to people - not by writing a check and sending it somewhere, but doing it in person. It took me many years to realize it, but it is truly a greater pleasure to give than receive.

Right now I give away part of my income to people I don't know who are in need.

I want that amount to increase.